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    In Game character name: Lightning Flash *Discord name: no discord sorry *Country playing from: PH How did you hear about WoonRO: was randomly browsing mid rates in RMS *If brought here by a friend, enter their character name: Tell us a bit about your RO history: played RO on & off since 2005 Tell us something interesting about yourself: Hi everybody. It's been a while since I played RO. I've played at the old WoonRO server for months. (IGNs: Lightning Flash (pally), Tea Thing Mall A Key (pally), yoloswagdeeznuts (sinX), M a s h i r o (prof). Hope to spend fun time with you all!
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    Hello and welcome to the server. I added a bonus starter pack for you. Walk a bit left in the main town and find the Item Giveaway NPC, he has a bonus starter bundle for you. Happy to see another old Woonies coming back.
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    Hi arcuz! Welcome BACK to WoonRO. Glad to see you join us. If you want to see what's with this new woon and what to expect, I highly recommend visiting our wiki! Feel free to contact us through discord or in-game if you have any questions or concerns. See you!
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