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  3. Is it possible to increase the spawns for mobs that only have 1? eg: Mobster
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  5. hi can you give me the link that can download the game
  6. cant download the game it says that there is an error and when i connect to woonro only it will redirect to s2.woon
  7. Got my account created on the forums and the website but when I login it tells me failed to connect to server
  8. I was really interested in playing on this server, but no matter how I put in the security codes, it tells me that I did it wrong.
  9. Hello everyone. Got some fun updates this time around. Global Updates: Suggestion: Increased view range from 14 to 17 cells Suggestion: Storeall command will not store the items that are in the favorites tab Suggestion: You will not be able to sell items that are in the favorites tab Suggestion: Added the no warp mapflag to official instances, you will no longer be able to @go and @gh from these maps Suggestion: @gh will no longer work on any maps that have warps blocked, that have pvp or gvg enabled, or jail 10 new costumes added to vote shop Added go dewata and all the appropriate npcs Fixed broadcast bug for hold the door event Added a vip system Can be accessed using @vip Let's you have the cash shop food buffs Bonus EXP buff Free warp to MvP maps Battle Grounds: Reduce BG starting size to 2v2 Item Updates: Suggestion: Added Guild Dungeon pass to tool dealer for 5,000,000z Suggestion: Reduced Elunium and Oridecon Weight down to 1 Suggestion: Reduced the required amount of Yarn in any quest headgears Suggestion: Babylon spear is now unbreakable Sailor Collar display sprite fixed Louyang New Year hat will drop red envelope at a 5% rate Added pet Incubator to tool dealer for 3500z Fixed Penguin cap display sprite Fixed Big Defense Potion to work properly Cash Shop Updates: Suggestion: Added some lower headgears in the Event Tab of cash shop Guild House Updates: Suggestion: Added countdown timer for Devil Square and KoE Suggestion: Added endow buffs, you can use @endow command to configure your settings Updated Guild house flags to contain more info Declined Suggestions: Floating Rates We have doubled almost all the rates, no longer see a purpose for this Remove Zeny Sinks Certain item prices are nerfed because they are easily attainable. The effect of this nerf is almost negated since we have doubled the rates. At the same time people want us to remove Zeny costs from other features. Yet other people are saying that there is nothing to use Zeny on. The players that are just starting out need to understand that even by playing for 2 weeks with these rates you will start having plenty of Zeny. That's is why we keep adding more features for Zeny and even included Zeny in the global ranking system. Triple the BG supplies per badge. The argument is that you shouldn't have to worry about supplies in BG. If this is the argument we can just add auto heal and auto buff scripts and do away with items entirely. If we want to remove the influence of supplies in BG then to make it entirely fair we need to remove items entirely and allow people to purchase something like auto heal me for 1k 3 times a second. This would make it entirely fair for people that also have slower ahk. If this is starting to sound a bit too much, that is my point as well. Supplies are crazy cheap as they are, at least let them retain some value. Decrease the prices of foods in cash shop and and boxes for them. The VIP system completely accomplishes this by allowing you to purchase buffs for a day or longer at a much lower cost. Change server to Ready pvp/Bg server, including free all items/npc We are trying to improve the server as well as prep for Season 3. This would be a big step backwards. We need to make changes with the intent that they are long term and have positive effects long term. Season 2 also merges with Season 1, so allowing something like this compromises Season 1 as well. Increase Badge rates. Since we implemented weekday happy hours we feel this is no longer needed. Make it so you can't TP/Flywing into a portal. A lot of work for a very small and rare inconvenience. I know it happens, but right now the time it would take to do this isn't worth it. If someone has a ready made script to go, then sure send it. All suggestions in the suggestions channel are to be considered as either approved and pending or approved and being worked on. Due to the difficulty of some suggestions, some of them are being delegated to developers outside of our team. At the same time it should be noted that unless new suggestions are added, the number of suggestions being implemented each update will drastically decrease since the remaining suggestions are increasing in difficulty or simply take more time to finish. If anyone has ready made scripts or information regarding implementation of their suggestions please contact me. It will save us a lot of time.
  10. The air is thick, and a dark fog encases the town. You hear creaky branches and screams in the distance. You've heard rumors of monstrous beings attacking the village during the night. They have fangs and fur, possess incredible strength and leave nothing, but destruction and corpses in their wake. However as the sun rises, you only see their blood trophies. Suspicion has gathered among the people. What is the monsters hide and walk among you. Wearing a false skin, or glamour making them appear to be human. Welcome to the Game of Werewolf (Ragnarok Edition hosted by Lobo), a social deduction game where your objectives are clear. If you're a Villager you want to kill all the werewolves. If you're a Wolf you want to kill all the villagers or outnumber them 2-1. This event needs a minimum of 6 players to start. The way this event works. There are two teams Villagers and Werewolves. At the beginning of the first night everyone will be assigned a hidden role. You can claim in public to be anything, however your true role is to remain hidden until you are killed. This is a social deduction game, though it is team vs team you don't know who is on your team. During the day ask questions to gather information and try to lynch those you suspect to be a Werewolf. At Night those with powers or abilities will be called upon and asked whether or not they'd like to use their ability. The person in this role is to private message [GM] Lobo (Narrator) directly, as to continue keeping their role hidden. After the Night Phase we all awake during the Day to find out who was killed and what conspired while we all slept. Roles (Below I'll be listing the roles used in this event, their team allocation via name color, and any powers or abilities they possess) Moderator - [GM] Lobo - Dictates the phases of the game and its progression. I am an unbiased party and on neither team. Hunter - Villager - If you are eliminated, you may immediately eliminate another player. Seer - Villager - Each Night choose a player to learn if he/she is a Villager or Werewolf Cursed - Villager - You are on the villager team unless you are targeted by the Werewolves, in which time you become a werewolf. Alpha Wolf - Werewolf - Once per game, if a werewolf is eliminated during the day, you may turn the werewolve's target into a Werewolf instead of eliminating them. Diseased - Villager - If you are eliminated by Werewolves, they dont get to kill anyone the following night. Mayor - Villager - Your vote counts twice Lycan - Villager - You are a Villager, but appear to the Seer as a Werewolf Werewolf -Werewolf - Each Night wake with the other wolves and choose a player to eliminate. Cupid - Villager - The first Night, choose two players to be linked by love. If one of them is eliminated, the other dies from a broken heart and is eliminated as well. (*Note* Lovers are now their own team regardless of Team Affiliation) Villager - Villager - You are a normal Villager Prince - Villager - If you are voted to be eliminated, your role is revealed and you remain alive. Lone Wolf - Werewolf - Each night wake with the other wolves. You only win if you are the last werewolf in the game. Body Guard - Villager - Each Night choose a player who cannot be eliminated that night. (You are allowed to protect yourself, however it cant be done in succession) Hoodlum - Villager - Choose 2 players on the first night. To Win, they must both be eliminated and you must still be alive at the end of the game. Update: New Roles have been Added See Below Pacifist - Villager - You must always vote for players to not be eliminated (aka Peace). Village Idiot - Villager - You must always vote for players to be eliminated. Wolf Cub - Werewolf - Each night wake with the other wolves. If you are eliminated, the werewolves eliminate two players the following night. Sorceress - Werewolf - Each night wake and look for the Seer. You are on the Werewolf side, and as such Win if they Win. Witch - Villager - You may save or eliminate a player at night once per game. Tough Guy - Villager - If the werewolves attempt to eliminate you, you are not eliminated until the following night. Doppleganger - Villager - The first night, choose a player. When that player is eliminated you become that player's role. Prizes Winning Team: 100 GC, 2 OCA, 20 Cash Coins, 750 War Badges Consolation: 30 GC, 6 Cash Coin To roles that have an additional or special win condition: an extra 50GC or OCA (player may choose)
  11. Hello Woonies, Lobo here, just wanting to share a quick guide on how to leave a Review on RMS to not only help promote the server, but also to help us gather more players to further enjoy the wondrous experiences of WoonRO. Step 1: Go to Ratemyserver.net Step 2: Click Login/Register on the far right of the page Step 3: After logging in Click Mid Rates to the Far Left of the page Step 4 : Click WoonRO Step 5 : Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Write Review! Step 6 : Read the TOS and Please leave an Honest Review of your opinion and take of the Server! Step 7: Submit Review!
  12. Server Updates Suggested: BG happy hour will activate every time Devil Square Ends The Weekend happy hour schedule will also remain In case of overlap the timer will just reset WoE Se will be Saturdays at 19:00 to test the waters, WoE time will be adjusted based on WoE guild suggestions New Permanent Server Rates: 150/150/100 Excludes MvP Cards Excludes MvP Gears Updated the donation preview shop Suggested: Rider Insignia from Byorgue increased to 10% Global Ranking System As per announced prior to server launch, if player count goes below 100 we will convert all rewards to cash points rather than USD rewards. Since the player count has dropped below 100 this is now in effect, until the player count recovers. Server Status: We are aware that due to a large number of players leaving, the server may appear to be dead at certain time zones. Why did this happen? DDOS attacks killed the initial momentum. We have the server security sorted now Changing the client to fix existing bugs resulted in creating other bugs This has been sorted now, any issues regarding the new client are either due to people not being able to patch or some OS conflict. Contact us if you think there is an issue that we have not addressed. Upgrading gepard and gepard features resulted in some client conflicts as well We have blocked any old versions of gepard so people are forced to patch to the newest versions Due to focusing on security issues I was not able to deliver a proper update focusing on player suggestions on time Now that the main issues have been sorted, we have a set schedule to make sure we resolve 10-20 suggestions a week. Due to our marketing manager's illness we had insufficient marketing right after the major server issues. Proper marketing schedule is being created so in the case of absence certain marketing tasks are done automatically and other staff can step up and take that role temporarily What's being done now? We are cutting our server expenses to ensure that the server has funds for stability Removing BR proxy since the guilds we got it for have left the server Removing Global Ranking System Payments since player count is under 100 Halving staff payments, some staff will resign Marketing schedule and push RMS is the key to attracting players suited for our server, as a result we will be regularly asking players we support for reviews Voting sites at the very least help boost the search results for RO private servers, each staff is tasked with also daily voting Social media scheduled posts Social media group posting handled by a different staff each day What can you do? Review on RMS if you have not Properly vote on the voting sites Keep posting suggestions focusing on overall server quality rather than personal benefit Regularly scheduled server updates focusing on suggestions Each day we are trying to either approve and implement 2 suggestions or Decline a suggestion that is not being supported by the players Staff training Most of our staff have expressed a desire to learn basic coding, this will allow me to focus on bigger projects while they can take care of smaller suggestions Staff performance reviews have started this week and will continue in the future, we want to make sure our staff is doing their designated roles Season 2 time schedule. Season 3 will be opening on September 4th Season 2 will be merging with Season 1 sometime through September Characters from season 2 will be renamed with a prefix of [2] Also applies to accounts Also applies to guilds Examples will be provided as we approach the date Characters that exceed the text limit will be adjusted to avoid conflicts Will be done 100% Accounts account variables Characters character variables Guilds Inventories Storages Carts Quests All s2 updates What probably will not be auto merged and you may need to contact an Admin Global variables such as unlocking features as a server or as a guild What will not be merged for sure Parties Logs Server variables as they will override Season 1. This is things like world boss and events
  13. A quick little changelog to highlight changes being made in this update: Global Ranking System (GRP): We have removed the PvP ranks from giving GRP Headgear Tailor NPC will give GRP for hats being made Includes Upper, Middle, Lower and Zodiac Hats The amount of GRP is Zeny Requirement / 100k A hat that requires 1 mil zeny will give 10 points You will only get points for each hat made once per month, so making multiples of the same hat will not give you points Gold Hunting Mission that gives 50 Gold Coins will now also give 10 GRP Every time you revive you will get 200 GRP Daily Limit: 5 Weekly Limit: 25 Fixed bug where changing name would cause you to loose your old points Guild House Upgrade: No additional fees have been added to unlocking the new features Player suggested: Added the butler NPC inside the guild house DB room He allows you to warp back to the guild house Allows you to summon a mushroom for 5 Gold Coins Allows you to toggle PvP and GvG for damage testing Allows you to clone your self for 5 Gold Coins for testing Due to possible abuses with summoning mobs and enabling PvP/GvG you cannot use certain features with others. If the system detects any malicious intent by you bypassing those restrictions, it will kill all the mobs without any drops. Other Updates: Increased the timer of all fishing bait since it was near impossible to react in time using fishing bait level 1 and 2 Removing the double all rates We will be permanently increasing rates in the next update, the exact new rates are TBD Player suggested: Removed noteleport from Amatsu dungeon 1 Player suggested: Death Penalty Reduced to 1% Player suggested: Remove the cooldown for getting reports in the nydhog quest Player suggested: ROTD party level range increased to 20 Player suggested: Tool dealer ammo shop now offers single arrows rather than quivers Player suggested: Rapid Shower will only require 1 bullet Player suggested: Desperado will only require 1 bullet Player suggested: Full Buster will only require 1 bullet Player suggested: Spread Attack will only require 1 bullet Player suggested: Decreased BG player requirement down to 6 Player suggested: Added moc_fild21 to warper Declined Suggestions: Change the quest requirement of the +1 stat sunglasses[1] to only 1 revive required. Not enough players support this and we also feel that given all the rate bonuses as well as future rate changes, 10 revives is reasonable for the sunglasses. Give free warp to MVP maps for guild's that pay for guild house The guild houses give enough benefits for their price since we just added more feature and we intend to add more in the future. Guild houses are supposed to offer conveniences not serious benefits. Increase Rates to 150/150/75, Remove Zeny Sink, Add Universal Mat in Battleground, Free MVP Warp, Add better Donate Items This is a prime example of how to not make a suggestion. There are too many topics so people cannot vote properly and the staff cannot decide what is being upvoted or downvoted. Add Universal Mat in Battleground, Increase Rates to 150/150/75 Again another example of a bad suggestion. The votes are 17:17 and we have no idea which suggestion players support. But I do intend to increase rates soo... half approved? Universal AD bottles from BG Simply not enough people cared to vote on this. But we as a staff feel universal suggestions are a bad idea since they will have a negative impact on the economy. Bring Snap/Body relocate back BUT with a 2 second spell delay (only enabled in Conquest) Most people seem to be against this. We also had this previously on Season 1 and people didn't like it. Remove pre-buffs from NPC (Assumptio/Link) Personally don't care but majority of players voted against this During 2x rate events double the success rate and chance rate of ???? from Abra Players don't agree and we also think it's too much Nerf elemental sword to not cast every bolt when casted. Our elemental sword edit makes it so bolts only proc off of the cold bolt. I think this is a fair and sufficient edit and most players seem to agree based on the vote. Increase minor mvp's item drop rates Not a single person was in support of this Keep in mind this suggestion declined and approved list is not permanent. Feel free to suggest anything approved or declined again. However if we see a suggestion repeatedly get posted and declined, we will temporarily block that person from posting suggestions. Any suggestions not mentioned in this update are either being worked on, being researched, or they simply require too much time to implement right now. Example: Auto pet feeding. I think it's a great feature, however our client does not support the official version of this, I have to make a custom mod for this feature. I have an idea on how to do it, but it will take a significant amount of my time, in that time I could take care of 5+ other suggestions that may be more important. So when working on suggestions I also need to take into consideration the importance of a suggestion not just compared to it self but compared to other suggestions.
  14. YOUR SUMMER STYLE! 〉FACEBOOK EVENT show us a screenshot of your Ragnarok character in a cool summer style! (for example, wearing summer-themed headgears near a beach) REWARDS? a chance to win one of two RWC 2008 Dragon Helm Gold! (winners will be chosen on may 30th) PARTICIPATION REWARDS? 100x gold coin 1x old card album 1x whistling aura costume HOW DOES IT WORK? tag a friend under this post: https://www.facebook.com/WoonGaming/posts/4409330005766322 include a screenshot of your character in a summer style include your char name where you want to receive the reward on. DEADLINE? may 30, 8pm server time got any more questions? send me a dm, i'll try to help!
  15. Over the last 2 weeks we have been making a lot of edits, some may already be available in game and others will go live after this update. New Client Patch: Added the "Rec" button Added Navigation button Added world map button Added bank button Fixed #30+ hair styles Removed chat flood protection Global Changes Reverted double rates from the weekend event They will be left in effect over the weekend and then removed Fixed the restock command. It will no longer delete items from storage without adding them to your inventory. Added a @partyexp command - this command passes on your exp to the rest of the party Keep in mind this does not pass on any bonus exp, such as rotd, or party bonus exp, it just passes on your direct base/job exp you would have gotten Updated support GM online list Updated Cash Shop A lot of people have been asking for us to add more costumes, as a result I have taken all of our monthly costumes and added all of them at once, this is because we are seasonal and half of these costumes would never have been available to the players. Added Cash Point options in donation bonus shop Added a hard delay of 200 ms for Storm Gust Lord of Vermillion Meteor Storm Removed the script that kills all MvPs on reboot. There really is no need for this script, this script was created back in the day when scripts were added directly on live servers and there were many crashes. Due to frequent server reboots, certain people would be able to kill many MvPs since each server reboot reset the MvP timers. We do server maintenance once a week maximum and we never add scripts on the live server, we also have not had a live server crash in over a year. NPC Zone Changes Fixed a typo in ROTD quests that showed Alnoldi while it should be Jeje quest Added a streamer NPC and streamer program Fixed Auras not disappearing when trying them out Odin's Gift cooldown reduced to 20 hours Item Changes: Fixed Costume Heart in Mouth sprite display Fixed Costume White Rabbit sprite display Added missing stats on red wing hat Added Cheshire Ears costume Added monthly rank hats Added class of the month hats Fixed aegis error on Odins Gift. Removed Msgstringtable errors for private message Removed Msgstringtable errors for repeated lines in chat box Corrected view id for Dog officer costume Added custom BGM to map - main Various item descriptions corrected Server Migration and Security: Last Saturday I moved the server to London from LA Setup 2 different firewalls as well as new DDOs mitigation provided by OVH 1 firewall is server side and the other is network side We are actually still getting DDOSed, however those atacks are not making it through both firewalls as well as the mitigation, you probably have not even noticed anything in game. We have our staff meeting on Saturday and we will be looking over our active player statistics. We will decide whether to keep the host where it is in London or to move it elsewhere. We will be re-adding the west coast proxy either way since it works great as a proxy connection, it's just not somewhere we can have the actual server. Working on now: Grey's List: Custom BGM pack 50% Custom emotion costumes 30% June's rank hats 80% Babylon field 4 map 20% Babylon city map 40% Greymaps.grf 10% Nihad's List: nomelee comman KvM for BG Some upgrades for Guild House More ways to get global ranking points Going through more suggestions
  16. LET'S SPREAD SOME JOY! 〉FACEBOOK EVENT since the server is currently being wonky, why don't we try to pass a little time by sharing our favorite songs with a friend? REWARDS? 100x gold coin 1x old card album 1x whistling aura costume HOW DOES IT WORK? tag a friend under this post: https://www.facebook.com/WoonGaming/posts/4409330005766322 include a link to your favorite song. (yt f.e) include your char name where you want to receive the reward on. DEADLINE? may 25th, 8pm server time (rewards will be given out once connectivity is back to being stable) got any more questions? send me a dm, i'll try to help!
  17. WE FINALLY OPENED OUR GATES! 〉FACEBOOK EVENT Woon Seasons is doing a Facebook giveaway event. Simply comment your character name on the posts below and we will add a special item pack in-game for you. If you also tag a friend we will add a Phalanx costume. HOW DOES IT WORK? check out the posts below and follow the instructions. we are providing this event in different languages! [EN] https://www.facebook.com/WoonGaming/posts/4384850578214265 [PT] https://www.facebook.com/WoonGaming/posts/4384938434872146 [ES] https://www.facebook.com/WoonGaming/posts/4384915134874476 [PH] https://www.facebook.com/WoonGaming/posts/4384917924874197 got any more questions? send me a dm, i'll try to help!
  18. These are all the changes that have been made for Season 2 from Season 1. BG Changes: Conquest win badges reduced to 35 CTF win badges reduced to 30 - this mode it temporarily disabled The community may request to enable it TDM win badges reduced to 40 Rush win badges reduced to 40 - this mode it temporarily disabled The community may request to enable it Badge rewards are doubled for 60 minutes during the following times Saturday: 3:00, 7:00, 15:00 Sunday: 3:00, 7:00, 15:00, 19:00 The Case opening feature now auto detects which case you have, this gets rid of the large and confusing menu system. PvM Changes: Wounded Morroc has been listed as tier 1 MvP in the Boss Room which has a higher chance to spawn. Endless Cellar NPC has been moved to Alberta with the Endless Tower NPC NPC Zone Changes: Merged Gold Coin Quest into Mission Boards Merged Headgear Recolor NPC and Costume Maker NPC into Headgear Tailor Merged the Card Remover and Card Exchanger NPCs Merged all the shops into Multi Shop NPC Other Changes: Tooth Blade is now useable by non rebirth classes as well Implemented Singapore proxy connection Implemented London proxy connection Loyalty packs have been implemented for the entire season and the system is automated. This is a big time saver for us since we no longer have to do updates to give you guys rewards for being active. Yggdrasil berry is set to 3 seconds cooldown Yggdrasil seeds are 1.5 seconds delay Normal card drop rate set to 1% Fixed dog officer costume sprite Removed Steel Arrow drop from Orc Archers Bow. Implemented Global Ranking System: Full info: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/641-global-ranking-system/ These are changes planned to be finished prior to the server launch, keep in mind not all may be completed by launch date, if not then they will be moved as high priority for the next update: A warp to the highest floor cleared system for ET and EC, with limitations to prevent abuse Private group created for interested WoE guild leaders Will only take WoE related suggestions from said group, people that don't do WoE don't have a right to suggest WoE changes. If you belong to a WoE guild, then talk to your guild leader.
  19. 〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! are you a guild leader on woon seasons and want to bring your guild over? below is a guide on how to grab a bunch of rewards along the way. 〉Introduce your Guild visit: https://discord.io/woonro post a decent introduction of your guild in: #guild-intro channel in the war of emperium section. include your guildname, guild size and if add if your guild is woe/pvm/fun. 〉Rewards / Guild Package send a dm of proof to @rere or @Grey and claim the following rewards: 20,000 CP for guild leader guild package: guild leader: (1x) Ultra Union of Tribe This will give your guild enough EXP to skill Emergency Call. (1500x) War Badge (4x) Battle Manual 150% (4x) Bubble Gum 50% (5x) Enriched Elunium (5x) Enriched Oridecon (10x) Gym Pass (10) Token Of Siegfried (250x) Giant Fly Wing (1x) Refined Fly Wing guild member: (750x) War Badge (2x) Battle Manual 150% (2x) Bubble Gum 50% (2x) Enriched Elunium (2x) Enriched Oridecon (10x) Gym Pass (10x) Token Of Siegfried (1x) Refined Fly Wing **guild size of a minimum of 8 active players. **existing in-game character names of each active player that wants to claim the package. **guild leader must apply within 14 days after starting to play on the server. **items are non-tradeable, account bound and to be collected via Item giveaway npc. Rule Clarifications 26/5/2021 **Members that have claimed packs with other guilds cannot claim packs again. **Guild leaders can create new guilds and apply even if they have received a guild pack prior, however they will not receive any packages while the guilds eligible members will **Both members and guild leaders that have previously claimed guild packs will not count towards the minimum player requirement 〉War of Emperium Rentals also, check out our woe rental system if you want to play woe. visit: http://wiki.woonromr.com/2019/09/10/woe-rental-equipment/ woonro also has guild housing as well as guild buffer and more.
  20. 〉Wineskin Guide for Ragnarok Online Table of Contents Introduction Required Software Creating the Winewrapper Configuration Running the Game Ending Notes 〉Introduction For better or worse, Apple's Macbook laptops have become much more prominent for everyday use. It's no secret that gaming on these laptops is next to impossible due to compatibility issues, but tools like Wineskin assist in bridging the gap in running Windows-based executable software on a Mac. This guide is made to help walk mac users through the process of using the Wineskin software and assumes the user has basic knowledge of how to use Mac OS, such as navigating Finder and installing apps. 〉Required Software Wineskin is an extremely simple tool to use and only requires the download of two things: Wineskin Winery (from their official website) RO Server client (for our purposes, WoonRO) Please make sure the Wineskin Winery software is installed and in your applications folder (i usually drag and drop there for the sake of keeping things organized) and extract the WoonRO client folder from the .rar file(s). Be sure the WoonRO client folder is somewhere you can easily access, such as the desktop. This will make things a lot easier! 〉Creating the Winewrapper Now that you've installed Wineskin's Winery app and extracted the WoonROfolder to an area of your choosing, navigate to your applications and open the Wineskin app. conversely you should be able to search for the Wineskin app and open it via spotlight search (cmd + spacebar). Now that we've found our Wineskin Winery app, open it and you should get a window that looks similar to this: If you do not have the 2.3 or 2.2 engines, try pressing the + button in the Wineskin Winery UI and see if it's available to download and install. If this is the case, the application may prompt you to install some software dependencies. Click accept through whatever pops up and continue until you have something like the above screenshot. At this point, make sure WS9Wine2.3 is selected and press the "Create New Blank Wrapper" button at the bottom of the window. You will be prompted to name the wrapper. For sake of keeping things organized, name it "WoonRO." The software will load and generate the Wrapper. It may prompt you to install more software dependencies it is unable to find. Allow it to install and move on. A window should pop up with the new WoonRO wrapper it has generated. For our records, note that this has been generated at "~/Applications/Wineskin/ ". You may navigate here on your own by clicking out to the finder > "Go" at the top of the screen > Go to... > copy/paste ~/Applications/Wineskin/ in the space for the file path. 〉Configuration Now that we have our WoonRO wrapper, right click (or ctrl+click) on it and click on "Show Package Contents." This brings you to the contents of this wrapper application. You should see contents, drive_c, and wineskin. Navigate to drive_c and click on the program files folder. Drag and drop your WoonRO Full Client folder that you previously extracted and place it in this program files folder. After you have completed this, click the back button until we are back to the first window as shown at the beginning of these configuration step. Alternatively, feel free to navigate to your local applications and wineskin folder (~/Applications/Wineskin/) as described at the end of step 3. Double click on the WoonRO wrapper and you should be prompted with a new window. Click on advanced and you will be shown more options. You should see the first line on this configuration page that says "Windows EXE." Go all the way to the right of that line and click on browse in order to select the executable we want the Wineskin wrapper to be pointing to. After clicking browse, it should automatically bring us to the drive_c folder we were in earlier. Click on Program Files and open the WoonRO Full Client folder that we moved here. Find the patcher for the server and choose it. After setting the wrapper to point to the patcher, we will need to have dependencies that the game requires, such as Microsoft C++ 2008. This can be done by going to the tools tab. This gives us an entirely new list of options; however, the one we are looking for is the Winetricks option. After clicking on Winetricks, we will find a list of categories that drop down for a list of options to check mark. Go to the games category and scroll down until you find "Ragnarok." This should be fairly easy to find, as this list is in alphabetical order. After toggling Ragnarok with a check mark, click the run button. You will then be prompted with a window asking to confirm if you want to run Winetricks. Press run on this new window to confirm and you will see an installation progress log run through that bottom half of the Winetricks window. You will be asked to install various dependencies, based on what is required to run Ragnarok Online. Confirm and accept through these installation prompts. 〉Running the Guide Close out of this Wintricks window after it is finished and click on the "Test Run" button back in the tools tab. The game's patcher should open up and patch. Hopefully, if everything installed correctly, you should be able to start the game and log in without any issues! The game will prompt you to set up your display settings and what graphics engine to use. For me, I used the discrete graphics card on my macbook and chose the default display option. After closing out of this, you can reopen the game with the WoonRO wrapper. Since it's saved all of the configurations of the test run, you won't have to deal with going through with any of the previous steps again. If you really want to, feel free to drag and drop the Wineskin to the dock at the bottom of your screen to create a shortcut to easily access the game. 〉Ending Notes While I do hope that this does prove helpful for those that do not want to have to resort to boot camping their Macbooks just to play Ragnarok Online. Enjoy! guide provided by @dontpingme a long time ago. i hope this helps!
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    GRAND OPENING MAY 15, 2021 〉Hello everyone! Hey guys! The launch of Season 2 is just around the corner and it's time to finally announce the exact opening time! Are you ready to hop on and play together with your friends and foes? We are ready definitely ready to welcome you all! 〉Opening Schedule The exact launch date and time can be seen below! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 〉Important Links DOWNLOAD Visit: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/634-game-download/ REGISTER Visit: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/633-register-account/ DONATION Visit: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/forum/35-perks-and-donations/
  22. 〉Global Ranking System WoonRO Seasons will last about 6 months per season. At the end of the season the Ranking system will be wiped and a new ranking system started on the new Season. At the end of each month, the people ranked the highest will get rewards according to the table listed. There will be 2 exceptions At the end of May 2021 the rewards will be 50% since the server is launched half way through the month At the end of the entire Season the reward will be 2x The Season 2 end date is scheduled for October 31st The ranks will not be reset each month, rather it will be a cumulative ranking system. The cash rewards listed will only be available provided that the server maintains an average player count above 200, excluding vends. If the average player count drops below 200 then the prizes will be halved for that month. If the average player count drops below 100 the cash rewards will be converted to cash point rewards. 〉Ranking Rewards The rewards are as follows: Rank Cash Reward Item Reward Overall Rank 1 $200.00 Monthly Rank Hat Overall Rank 2 $100.00 Monthly Rank Hat Overall Rank 3 $50.00 Monthly Rank Hat Champion $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Stalker $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Biochemist $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Gypsy $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Minstrel $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Scholar $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Paladin $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat High Priest $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Assassin Cross $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Mastersmith $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Sniper $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat High Wizard $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Lord Knight $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Soul Linker $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Gunslinger $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Ninja $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat All payments will be made ideally via Paypal, Western Union and Wire are secondary options for the grand rewards. We will not be using Western Union/Wires for class prizes. Earning points in the global ranking system will be listed below. In order to give new players at least some chance at fighting for the top spot, each month we will add more ways to earn points. We understand that the main methods listed hear are geared towards BG, and that is intentional since we intend to keep BG alive throughout the entire season. We also understand that many people will attempt to cheat either through leeching, or dual clienting certain features or outright breaking rules for an edge. We are hiring more staff and are taking volunteers to keep people in check and the system as fair as possible. 〉Methods to gain points Methods to gain points: Turn in 1 badge for 1 point - this system has a softcap Once you turn in your first set of badges a 23 hour timer will start. During those 23 hours, every 1000 badges you trade in the number of badges needed per point will double. So for example 1000 badges will get you 1000 points. But the next 1000 badges will only get you 500 points. Castle Holding guild can have 24 members claim 1000 points per day as long as they own the castle How the guild distributes th points is none of our concern, the members will talk to the kafra inside the castle once per day and claim their points, once 24 people have done this it will no longer give out points. We hope that this will deter people from making guilds that are too big. Also the members per castle is 24 per guild for the 1st month. PvP Ranks reset monthly 1st place PvP gets 10,000 points 2nd place PvP gets 7,500 points 3rd place PvP gets 5,000 points MvP Ranks reset weekly 1st place MvP gets 10,000 points 2nd place MvP gets 7,500 points 3rd place MvP gets 5,000 points Why does MvPing get 4x as many points? Fudging MvP scores is near impossible, the best you can do is summon bloody branches which you also need to get, or use Abra which is far less time efficient compared to BG. Whereas you can fudge PvP scores if you have enough friends. We will have people watching over this, but no mater how you look at it, it's subjective to an extent. As a result we placed less values on PvP scores. Still 10,000 points is nothing to laugh at, so people caught trying to fudge their scores by abusing it with their friends will have their entire score reset. Trade in 1mil Zeny for 10 points. There will be also be a soft cap on this 1000 points and then the soft cap applies the same as badge trade-ins Additional methods to attain points will be added through the following schedule. The exact points we cannot determine since we will need to see the status of the ranking system at that point. June - Points for revives using the revival system July - Points for rankers in Devil Square and KoE This means a weekly ranking system for Devil Square and KoE will be introduced August - Points for trading in cards at the card trader npc September - TBD October - TBD Lastly, as I have stated in the first Q&A, there are a lot of unknowns here. This is an entirely new system that is being tried on RO, we know that there will be issues that come up with the system, we know that there will be challenges that we cannot foresee and we will do our best to deal with these enforceable circumstances in a timely and fair manner. We thank you for your support and look forward to the launch date on May 15th.
  23. 〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! Supporting the server has it's perks. You can get more cash points than what you are donating for! Cool eh? 〉Odin's Reward System Visit: http://s2.woonro.com/?module=donate Donate 100$. If you don't know how to donate check here... Log in-game and purchase ITEMNAME for 100,000 cash points. Talk to NPCNAME, COORDINATES. He will take your item and give you 5,000 cash points every day with a cooldown timer of 23 hours. At the end of the 30 days you will have accumulated a total of 150,000 cash points instead of the initial 100,000 you donated for. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 〉Western Union Bonus Below is a guide for those who would like to donate to our server via Western Union and receive some extra cash points Note: You won't get the cash points automatically. A verification step to confirm is needed and should be done within 24-48 hours. Be mindful that donations made over the weekend will take longer as banks do not operate on the weekends. Normal Exchange Rates: 1000CP = 1$ (USD) 1000CP = ~51₱ (PHP) Western Union Bonus: $100 = 105,000 CP (Normal Conversion Rate = 100,000 CP) $200 = 230,000 CP (Normal Conversion Rate = 200,000 CP) $300 = 390,000 CP (Normal Conversion Rate = 300,000 CP) There is a little paperwork when donating via Western Union, but it has its own good perk. When donating above a certain amount, you will receive bonus Cash Points! Write @Nihad a PM in the forums and ask for the Western Union details. Visit any WU place of your choice once you received the details and ask for a >Send Money< form. Turn in the form and you will get a receipt with a tracking number! This tracking number is important, don't lose it. Write @Nihad a message with the following information: Your Name: Your Address: Amount of Donation: Tracking Number: Date Sent: Your Character Name:
  24. 〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! Donating to our server is entirely your decision and no-one is forced to do so. All items can be obtained by playing the game except for a very few selected cosmetic headgears to sustain the server upkeep. 〉How do I donate? Login to our website and visit: http://s2.woonro.com/?module=donate Enter the amount of money in US dollars you would like to donate. Click Confirm Donation Amount. Click the 'Donate' button. Login to PayPal. Confirm donation. Please note that it may be up to 24 hours before your account is credited, but in most cases it will be credited within 15 minutes. Message @Grey or @Nihad in case you're facing any troubles with your donation. 〉What items can I buy? For a full list of obtainable donation items please log into our server! All non-cosmetic items are easily available through normal gameplay methods. 〉How much is the rate? Current Credit Exchange Rate: 1.00 USD = 1,000 credit(s). Minimum Donation Amount: 5.00 USD 〉I'm broke, what now? Well shit. We know the feeling. Everyone is struggling in this current pandemic... But don't worry, we have plenty of options for you to obtain cash shop items without spending a single penny. Earn up to 200$ by simply playing the game! Read more... All items are available via normal game mechanics like: Battlegrounds, Events, Revival & more Advertise for us! Advertise our server by posting into advertising groups and earn cash points. 10 posts = 1000 cash points. Message @rere if interested.
  25. 〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! We would love to encourage everyone to reveal themselves, interact with each other and band together as one great society! Write a quick introduction in our Discord server (s2 #introduce) and tell us a bit about your past journey. 〉How to introduce yourself? Don't worry you don't have to write a huge introduction. A simple sentence is enough. Tell us which class you used to play and include the catch-phrase "hellow fellow" so the team knows it's a submission for the event. Sample: 〉Rewards 1000 cash points. 〉Instructions Send a screenshot of your introduction to @Grey either via our forums or directly on discord to receive your reward. He will also need your character name to send the cashpoints to. Reward will only be given once per mac. Do not post several times to get more cashpoints. Cashpoints will only be sent to the person that participated in this event. Moving cashpoints to a different account is not an option.
  26. 〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! Nothing feels better than to be the first level 99 character on a freshly opened server! Right? WoonRO Seasons is awaiting the first maxed out characters with open arms and many rewards! 〉Rewards First 5 Non-Rebirth chars will get: If you are the 1st of that specific non-reborn class to hit max level you will also get another set of the reward. 5000 Cash Points 250 Gold Coins 25 Global Ranking Points First 10 Reborned chars will get: If you are the 1st of that specific Reborn class to hit max level you will also get another set of the reward. 10,000 Cash Points 500 Gold Coins 50 Global Ranking Points It is possible to claim 2x rewards if you are the first class AND one of the 1st of 5 people to reach max level for non-reborn classes It is possible to claim 2x rewards if you are the first class AND as one of the 1st of 10 people to reach max level for reborn classes 〉Instructions Level your character as fast as possible and be the first to hit max level on WoonRO Seasons! Rewards will auto given as you reach max level, you can keep track of the ladder progress using @99ladder and @99class
  27. 〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! WoonRO Seasons is a new International English Pre-Renewal Ragnarok Online mid-rate server from the founder of WoonRO, dedicated to bringing you the best Ragnarok experience possible. We will be fixing bugs, improving upon original game mechanics, as well as implementing new custom content and features very frequently. If you're looking for a long-term, corruption free Pre-Renewal server with NO imbalanced or overpowered donations, you've found what you're looking for. The main staff is comprised of highly experienced players, with active development taking place. Your unique experience begins here! 〉Server Information WoonRO Season 2 is a near identical copy of the existing WoonRO server. Seasons are an optional, recurring game mode that allows you the opportunity to start fresh every few months, leveling a character from scratch without previously earned items, levels, and zeny. A great positive of the season system is reliving the initial progression, and seeing a character grow in great strides. Seasons are separate from each other, and it might seem intimidating that your character will have to start fresh. None of your efforts will be wasted however, as all your endeavors within a season — characters, items, levels, donations, zeny etc. — will be rolled over and merged with the non-seasonal WoonRO server once the season concludes. This system can be found on various popular big games such as Archeage or Diablo. Season 2 is scheduled for revision after 6 months. The decision on what to do with Season 2 will be determined by how active the community is and/or a community vote. A server merge will require for all servers to be taken down for a few days. Our intent is to preserve all character data so that effort is never lost. The next Season will launch after 6 months independently from what happens to the previous Season. more detailed information regarding systems can be found on our wiki. 〉Earn $Money by playing on Woon Seasons You want to play your favorite game and earn some money on the side? Well, congratulations! With our Seasonal Ranking System you have the chance to win up to 200$ per month! Isn't that amazing? Each month there will be a ranking system based on the points accumulated. We will give real money rewards for the top 3 players and in-game rewards for the top-ranked player for each eligible class. There will also be a grand ranking system that will be set for 6 months after the server launch date with cash rewards for the top 3 grand ranking players and the top-ranked player of each eligible class. Eligible classes will be listed in-game in the ranking system. Getting points will be simple and for the most part automated. You will be able to get points from PvP, MvP, BG, WoE, KoE, Zeny and other places. 〉How much can I earn a month? Overall Rank 1 = 200$ Overall Rank 2 = 100$ Overall Rank 3 = 50$ Transcendent Second Class (2-1 + 2-2) as well as TK, Ninja, Gunslinger = 10$ each. So what the heckerooni are you waiting for? Tell your friends and join Woon Seasons NOW! Community Discord: https://discord.io/woonro Download: http://s2.woonro.com/?module=main&action=media Register Account: http://s2.woonro.com/?module=account&action=create/
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