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    • There are quite a few places where costumes could be revamped/added (some collated from discord, some from my own suggestions). 1. The revival shop has been the same thing for a long time prior to master revival rewards. We need legacy costumes added in revival shop as part of master revival rewards - High effort should have an appropriate reward - Recommend here to add a legacy costume box which contains specific Cash Shop/Gold Rush/Badge Rush costumes which are currently out of rotation for a 2-3 revival flasks (would have ultra rare x2, super rare x4, rare x4, common x4 costumes), Make it desirable, since it's about 5-6 hrs of effort on average to get to this point (Geffenia equivalent is about 40-80m) 2. Headgear tailor revamp - For costumes. It's been about a year, can we please start making some costumes quest-able? 3. GC shop costume revamp - Need better costumes for higher prices (eg. 1k GC for certain costumes like for example, Scouter?) 4. Make costumes drop off specific mobs at a low rate (say, 0.2% to 0.5% or so) - ensure mobs aren't one shot aoe mobs like say, thief bugs or porings
    • hey guys, Fingo here. ingame names ArrowReign.FingersCroxxd,RentOKill. i am playing straight out of Brisbane Australia. i played WoonRO over 10 years ago, when it first started and when i saw it still alive i was jumping straight onto the bandwagon. only person id know is Nihad but i doubt he would remember me haha. Ro History, Played ORO, then when it changed to IRO, got sick of paying so ventured into the private servers. played many for years and have gone without playing RO in many of years until i started playing RagnarokMobile Eternal Love. brought my love back from the game and found myself back at WOON =P. Interesting about myself, im an Aussie and have sensational Banter so dont be afraid to say hello to me in discord or ingame.
    • Got it!  Thanks!
    • Hello everyone, This will be an ongoing changelog of everything we have finished for the anniversary update. We have tons of things planned and are working on, however we will only list things here that are finished. Check this topic regularly to see what's coming.  Journey to Babylon: Babylon Field 1   Revival System:   Boss Room: Gold Invasion event:  
    • Old accounts as in since October 2019? Or As in from the original WoonRO? Cause if the latter then no, since this isnt the same server of the old one years ago. This one was opened in October 2019 by the same team as the old one however.
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