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    • Hello everyone. Got some fun updates this time around. Global Updates: Suggestion: Increased view range from 14 to 17 cells Suggestion: Storeall command will not store the items that are in the favorites tab Suggestion: You will not be able to sell items that are in the favorites tab Suggestion: Added the no warp mapflag to official instances, you will no longer be able to @go and @gh from these maps Suggestion: @gh will no longer work on any maps that have warps blocked, that have pvp or gvg enabled, or jail 10 new costumes added to vote shop Added go dewata and all the appropriate npcs Fixed broadcast bug for hold the door event Added a vip system Can be accessed using @vip Let's you have the cash shop food buffs Bonus EXP buff Free warp to MvP maps Battle Grounds: Reduce BG starting size to 2v2 Item Updates: Suggestion: Added Guild Dungeon pass to tool dealer for 5,000,000z Suggestion: Reduced Elunium and Oridecon Weight down to 1 Suggestion: Reduced the required amount of Yarn in any quest headgears Suggestion: Babylon spear is now unbreakable Sailor Collar display sprite fixed Louyang New Year hat will drop red envelope at a 5% rate Added pet Incubator to tool dealer for 3500z Fixed Penguin cap display sprite Fixed Big Defense Potion to work properly Cash Shop Updates: Suggestion: Added some lower headgears in the Event Tab of cash shop Guild House Updates: Suggestion: Added countdown timer for Devil Square and KoE Suggestion: Added endow buffs, you can use @endow command to configure your settings Updated Guild house flags to contain more info Declined Suggestions: Floating Rates We have doubled almost all the rates, no longer see a purpose for this Remove Zeny Sinks Certain item prices are nerfed because they are easily attainable. The effect of this nerf is almost negated since we have doubled the rates. At the same time people want us to remove Zeny costs from other features. Yet other people are saying that there is nothing to use Zeny on. The players that are just starting out need to understand that even by playing for 2 weeks with these rates you will start having plenty of Zeny. That's is why we keep adding more features for Zeny and even included Zeny in the global ranking system.  Triple the BG supplies per badge. The argument is that you shouldn't have to worry about supplies in BG. If this is the argument  we can just add auto heal and auto buff scripts and do away with items entirely. If we want to remove the influence of supplies in BG then to make it entirely fair we need to remove items entirely and allow people to purchase something like auto heal me for 1k 3 times a second. This would make it entirely fair for people that also have slower ahk. If this is starting to sound a bit too much, that is my point as well. Supplies are crazy cheap as they are, at least let them retain some value. Decrease the prices of foods in cash shop and and boxes for them.  The VIP system completely accomplishes this by allowing you to purchase buffs for a day or longer at a much lower cost.  Change server to Ready pvp/Bg server, including free all items/npc We are trying to improve the server as well as prep for Season 3. This would be a big step backwards. We need to make changes with the intent that they are long term and have positive effects long term. Season 2 also merges with Season 1, so allowing something like this compromises Season 1 as well. Increase Badge rates. Since we implemented weekday happy hours we feel this is no longer needed. Make it so you can't TP/Flywing into a portal. A lot of work for a very small and rare inconvenience. I know it happens, but right now the time it would take to do this isn't worth it. If someone has a ready made script to go, then sure send it. All suggestions in the suggestions channel are to be considered as either approved and pending or approved and being worked on. Due to the difficulty of some suggestions, some of them are being delegated to developers outside of our team. At the same time it should be noted that unless new suggestions are added, the number of suggestions being implemented each update will drastically decrease since the remaining suggestions are increasing in difficulty or simply take more time to finish. If anyone has ready made scripts or information regarding implementation of their suggestions please contact me. It will save us a lot of time.
    • The air is thick, and a dark fog encases the town. You hear creaky branches and screams in the distance. You've heard rumors of monstrous beings attacking the village during the night. They have fangs and fur, possess incredible strength and leave nothing, but destruction and corpses in their wake. However as the sun rises, you only see their blood trophies. Suspicion has gathered among the people. What is the monsters hide and walk among you. Wearing a false skin, or glamour making them appear to be human. Welcome to the Game of Werewolf (Ragnarok Edition hosted by Lobo), a social deduction game where your objectives are clear. If you're a Villager you want to kill all the werewolves. If you're a Wolf you want to kill all the villagers or outnumber them 2-1. This event needs a minimum of 6 players to start.   The way this event works. There are two teams Villagers and Werewolves. At the beginning of the first night everyone will be assigned a hidden role. You can claim in public to be anything, however your true role is to remain hidden until you are killed. This is a social deduction game, though it is team vs team you don't know who is on your team. During the day ask questions to gather information and try to lynch those you suspect to be a Werewolf.  At Night those with powers or abilities will be called upon and asked whether or not they'd like to use their ability. The person in this role is to private message [GM] Lobo (Narrator) directly, as to continue keeping their role hidden. After the Night Phase we all awake during the Day to find out who was killed and what conspired while we all slept. Roles (Below I'll be listing the roles used in this event, their team allocation via name color, and any powers or abilities they possess) Moderator - [GM] Lobo - Dictates the phases of the game and its progression. I am an unbiased party and on neither team. Hunter - Villager - If you are eliminated, you may immediately eliminate another player. Seer - Villager - Each Night choose a player to learn if he/she is a Villager or Werewolf Cursed - Villager - You are on the villager team unless you are targeted by the Werewolves, in which time you become a werewolf. Alpha Wolf - Werewolf - Once per game, if a werewolf is eliminated during the day, you may turn the werewolve's target into a Werewolf instead of eliminating them. Diseased - Villager - If you are eliminated by Werewolves, they dont get to kill anyone the following night. Mayor - Villager - Your vote counts twice Lycan - Villager - You are a Villager, but appear to the Seer as a Werewolf Werewolf -Werewolf - Each Night wake with the other wolves and choose a player to eliminate. Cupid - Villager - The first Night, choose two players to be linked by love. If one of them is eliminated, the other dies from a broken heart and is eliminated as well. (*Note* Lovers are now their own team regardless of Team Affiliation) Villager - Villager - You are a normal Villager Prince - Villager - If you are voted to be eliminated, your role is revealed and you remain alive. Lone Wolf - Werewolf - Each night wake with the other wolves. You only win if you are the last werewolf in the game. Body Guard - Villager - Each Night choose a player who cannot be eliminated that night. (You are allowed to protect yourself, however it cant be done in succession) Hoodlum - Villager - Choose 2 players on the first night. To Win, they must both be eliminated and you must still be alive at the end of the game. Update: New Roles have been Added See Below Pacifist - Villager - You must always vote for players to not be eliminated (aka Peace). Village Idiot - Villager - You must always vote for players to  be eliminated. Wolf Cub - Werewolf - Each night wake with the other wolves. If you are eliminated, the werewolves eliminate two players the following night. Sorceress - Werewolf - Each night wake and look for the Seer. You are on the Werewolf side, and as such Win if they Win. Witch - Villager - You may save or eliminate a player at night once per game. Tough Guy - Villager - If the werewolves attempt to eliminate you, you are not eliminated until the following night. Doppleganger - Villager - The first night, choose a player. When that player is eliminated you become that player's role. Prizes Winning Team: 100 GC, 2 OCA, 20 Cash Coins, 750 War Badges Consolation: 30 GC, 6 Cash Coin To roles that have an additional or special win condition: an extra 50GC or OCA (player may choose)
    • Hello Woonies, Lobo here, just wanting to share a quick guide on how to leave a Review on RMS to not only help promote the server, but also to help us gather more players to further enjoy the wondrous experiences of WoonRO. Step 1: Go to Ratemyserver.net Step 2: Click Login/Register on the far right of the page Step 3: After logging in Click Mid Rates to the Far Left of the page Step 4 : Click WoonRO Step 5 :  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Write Review! Step 6 : Read the TOS and Please leave an Honest Review of your opinion and take of the Server!  Step 7:  Submit Review!
    • Server Updates Suggested: BG happy hour will activate every time Devil Square Ends The Weekend happy hour schedule will also remain In case of overlap the timer will just reset WoE Se will be Saturdays at 19:00 to test the waters, WoE time will be adjusted based on WoE guild suggestions New Permanent Server Rates: 150/150/100 Excludes MvP Cards Excludes MvP Gears Updated the donation preview shop Suggested: Rider Insignia from Byorgue increased to 10% Global Ranking System As per announced prior to server launch, if player count goes below 100 we will convert all rewards to cash points rather than USD rewards. Since the player count has dropped below 100 this is now in effect, until the player count recovers. Server Status: We are aware that due to a large number of players leaving, the server may appear to be dead at certain time zones. Why did this happen? DDOS attacks killed the initial momentum. We have the server security sorted now Changing the client to fix existing bugs resulted in creating other bugs This has been sorted now, any issues regarding the new client are either due to people not being able to patch or some OS conflict. Contact us if you think there is an issue that we have not addressed. Upgrading gepard and gepard features resulted in some client conflicts as well We have blocked any old versions of gepard so people are forced to patch to the newest versions Due to focusing on security issues I was not able to deliver a proper update focusing on player suggestions on time Now that the main issues have been sorted, we have a set schedule to make sure we resolve 10-20 suggestions a week.  Due to our marketing manager's illness we had insufficient marketing right after the major server issues. Proper marketing schedule is being created so in the case of absence certain marketing tasks are done automatically and other staff can step up and take that role temporarily What's being done now? We are cutting our server expenses to ensure that the  server has funds for stability Removing BR proxy since the guilds we got it for have left the server Removing Global Ranking System Payments since player count is under 100 Halving staff payments, some staff will resign Marketing schedule and push RMS is the key to attracting players suited for our server, as a result we will be regularly asking players we support for reviews Voting sites at the very least help boost the search results for RO private servers, each staff is tasked with also daily voting Social media scheduled posts Social media group posting handled by a different staff each day What can you do? Review on RMS if you have not Properly vote on the voting sites Keep posting suggestions focusing on overall server quality rather than personal benefit Regularly scheduled server updates focusing on suggestions Each day we are trying to either approve and implement 2 suggestions or Decline a suggestion that is not being supported by the players Staff training Most of our staff have expressed a desire to learn basic coding, this will allow me to focus on bigger projects while they can take care of smaller suggestions Staff performance reviews have started this week and will continue in the future, we want to make sure our staff is doing their designated roles Season 2 time schedule. Season 3 will be opening on September 4th Season 2 will be merging with Season 1 sometime through September Characters from season 2 will be renamed with a prefix of [2] Also applies to accounts Also applies to guilds Examples will be provided as we approach the date Characters that exceed the text limit will be adjusted to avoid conflicts Will be done 100% Accounts account variables Characters character variables Guilds Inventories Storages Carts Quests All s2 updates What probably will not be auto merged and you may need to contact an Admin Global variables such as unlocking features as a server or as a guild What will not be merged for sure Parties Logs Server variables as they will override Season 1. This is things like world boss and events
    • A quick little changelog to highlight changes being made in this update: Global Ranking System (GRP): We have removed the PvP ranks from giving GRP Headgear Tailor NPC will give GRP for hats being made Includes Upper, Middle, Lower and Zodiac Hats The amount of GRP is Zeny Requirement / 100k A hat that requires 1 mil zeny will give 10 points You will only get points for each hat made once per month, so making multiples of the same hat will not give you points Gold Hunting Mission that gives 50 Gold Coins will now also give 10 GRP Every time you revive you will get 200 GRP Daily Limit: 5 Weekly Limit: 25 Fixed bug where changing name would cause you to loose your old points Guild House Upgrade: No additional fees have been added to unlocking the new features Player suggested: Added the butler NPC inside the guild house DB room He allows you to warp back to the guild house Allows you to summon a mushroom for 5 Gold Coins Allows you to toggle PvP and GvG for damage testing Allows you to clone your self for 5 Gold Coins for testing Due to possible abuses with summoning mobs and enabling PvP/GvG you cannot use certain features with others. If the system detects any malicious intent by you bypassing those restrictions, it will kill all the mobs without any drops.  Other Updates: Increased the timer of all fishing bait since it was near impossible to react in time using fishing bait level 1 and 2 Removing the double all rates We will be permanently increasing rates in the next update, the exact new rates are TBD Player suggested: Removed noteleport from Amatsu dungeon 1 Player suggested: Death Penalty Reduced to 1% Player suggested: Remove the cooldown for getting reports in the nydhog quest Player suggested: ROTD party level range increased to 20 Player suggested: Tool dealer ammo shop now offers single arrows rather than quivers Player suggested: Rapid Shower will only require 1 bullet Player suggested: Desperado will only require 1 bullet Player suggested: Full Buster will only require 1 bullet Player suggested: Spread Attack will only require 1 bullet Player suggested: Decreased BG player requirement down to 6 Player suggested: Added moc_fild21 to warper Declined Suggestions: Change the quest requirement of the +1 stat sunglasses[1] to only 1 revive required.  Not enough players support this and we also feel that given all the rate bonuses as well as future rate changes, 10 revives is reasonable for the sunglasses. Give free warp to MVP maps for guild's that pay for  guild house The guild houses give enough benefits for their price since we just added more feature and we intend to add more in the future. Guild houses are supposed to offer conveniences not serious benefits.  Increase Rates to 150/150/75, Remove Zeny Sink, Add Universal Mat in Battleground, Free MVP Warp, Add better Donate Items This is a prime example of how to not make a suggestion. There are too many topics so people cannot vote properly and the staff cannot decide what is being upvoted or downvoted.  Add Universal Mat in Battleground, Increase Rates to 150/150/75 Again another example of a bad suggestion. The votes are 17:17 and we have no idea which suggestion players support. But I do intend to increase rates soo... half approved? Universal AD bottles from BG Simply not enough people cared to vote on this. But we as a staff feel universal suggestions are a bad idea since they will have a negative impact on the economy.  Bring Snap/Body relocate back BUT with a 2 second spell delay (only enabled in Conquest) Most people seem to be against this. We also had this previously on Season 1 and people didn't like it. Remove pre-buffs from NPC (Assumptio/Link) Personally don't care but majority of players voted against this During 2x rate events double the success rate and chance rate of ???? from Abra Players don't agree and we also think it's too much Nerf elemental sword to not cast every bolt when casted. Our elemental sword edit makes it so bolts only proc off of the cold bolt. I think this is a fair and sufficient edit and most players seem to agree based on the vote. Increase minor mvp's item drop rates Not a single person was in support of this Keep in mind this suggestion declined and approved list is not permanent. Feel free to suggest anything approved or declined again. However if we see a suggestion repeatedly get posted and declined, we will temporarily block that person from posting suggestions. Any suggestions not mentioned in this update are either being worked on, being researched, or they simply require too much time to implement right now.  Example: Auto pet feeding. I think it's a great feature, however our client does not support the official version of this, I have to make a custom mod for this feature. I have an idea on how to do it, but it will take a significant amount of my time, in that time I could take care of 5+ other suggestions that may be more important. So when working on suggestions I also need to take into consideration the importance of a suggestion not just compared to it self but compared to other suggestions. 
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