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    • n Game character name: PapaWash *Discord name: PapaWash *Country playing from:Philippines How did you hear about WoonRO:Top100server Tell us a bit about your RO history: I've been playing ragnarok when I was 7yrs old that time it was still episode 2 of ragnarok online 😄 Tell us something interesting about yourself: I am from phillippines and a gamer I always play games and aim to be good at it. friendly and loves company
    • Char Name : Stregone Hear about WoonRO : ratemyserver.net Ro History: I've played for 14 years, since the RO classic and have jump to private server looking the one to my liking Myself: I love travelling, so if you looking for a travelling friend just nudge me :)
    • Hi! new here. just several days old ig. came from a now dead server. would like to suggest adding forging options for WS ie katars, rods, etc. experienced this on last server played. was very fun and made forging enthusiasts felt alive again. also gave us purpose besides questing costumes. items forged coud have additional enhancements (random of course). could involve other items than just elem stones and star crumbs for effects. could also forge custom items instead of regular arc wand or jamahdar for max excitement haha. for example maybe forge orcish axe slotted with random stats and elements but require heroic emblems or cards to forge. anyway,its up to you devs. just a suggestion. thanks!
    • In Game character name: KasalananEkis, PopsicleS, PopsicleFS, PopsicleWS *Discord name:  *Country playing from: Philippines How did you hear about WoonRO: RMS search for servers playable for my picky gf *If brought here by a friend, enter their character name: Tell us a bit about your RO history: introduced to RO via levelupgames PhRO back in 2010 i think. loved the game since. stopped playing when it became pay to win. started playing on private servers. stopped playing after college due to work. returned to playing when RO mobile came out but stopped playing after a while due to work again. started playing again in private servers when a cousin put up one earlier this year. the server didnt last long though. been hopping servers since looking for one where me and my gf can play together (not too pvp focused, lotsa costumes, etc). also trying to make practice servers during free time. Tell us something interesting about yourself: am a psychologist by profession, works for an NGO, a martial artist, motorcycle lover, cyclist, DIY enthusiast
    • In Game character name: Bathing Ape *Discord name: Chefboy Jay *Country playing from: Canada How did you hear about WoonRO: ratemyserver *If brought here by a friend, enter their character name: Tell us a bit about your RO history: only time I ever really played RO was with my cousins. Got into a few private servers like TalonRO and what not but was never heavy into WoE or anything like that. Might catch me roaming around with them on this server.  Tell us something interesting about yourself: I go to culinary school.
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