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    • Greetings everyone, Just a quick little update to fix some things and update some content. Item Fix: (This is huge ) All items that reduced cast speed have been broken for a long time, this happened when source was updated to the latest and it changed the way that cast speed that was effected by items functioned. Items that effected specific skills still worked as intended. But items that reduced variable cast rate like Bee card and Crown of Deceit were not reducing cast at all. This also applied for items that were supposed to punish players by increasing their cast rate. All of these items have been fixed now and you should see a noticeable difference when wearing these items.  BG Update: Removed Fall cases Added Old Winter Cases from 2017 and 2019 Added a brand new BG Case for 2021 BG Badges increased by 50% until the next update Other Edits: Fish drop chance from fishing increased Reduced MvP card drop rate back to normal Removed all 2020 Seasonal events Rotated donation cosmetics
    • I got a Necromancer Hood (Charon) but unfortunately it looks like a Grim Reaper when worn. Please look into it GM
    • I clicked the soul and was about to acquire the jar but I was killed by mobs. When I tried to retrieve it again, it just said "bring the jar to Charon" but still got 3 in the inventory. I continued the quest until the last one but Charon won't accept 6 jars. Now I'm stuck coz I can't reset the timer.   Tried logging but to no avail.
    • Halloween, Thanksgiving and winter events will remain active until the first update after new years. We may add some more winter events. Global Edits: Added an option in tool dealer to purchase supplies directly to storage using the  "Storage Dealer" option Added "Storage Dealer" option to the buy command Added player count for the NPC Zone and renamed the map in the warper Another check for the WoE rental items since there is a case where they don't get removed Rotated donation items Fixed a possible server crash caused by guild storage and auto vends Event Edits: Added our old Thanksgiving event Added Giftson NPC in Xmas 147 94 He will reward you a Xmas Event Box and a Gift Box The Event box has exclusive costumes in it Added Santa's Gifts to prontera He will give you an item every day for 24 days You can talk Mr.Claus in Xmas town and do 2 types of quests. Just walk a bit left and up from the spawn location and you will see Santa with some flowers You can dig out sow flowers and give them to Mrs.Claus for a Mrs. Claus' Gift Box The gift box contains a random costume scarf Added 4 new scarfs Bring 30 Christmas Cheers to Mrs.Claus to get a Costume Louise Red Hat Added Winter Crystal Spawns in fields and dungeons When killed these crystals will drop some sweets, gifts and Christmas Cheers Added Rudolph to Prontera Bring him some supplies for a chance to get one of the following items Antler Fedora Candy Hat Rudolph Rucksack Christmas Neko Hood Fluffy Heart Earmuffs Let it Snow Fishing: Enabled fishing which can be accessed using @go fish or walk to it from the NPC Zone Fishing Rods and bait can be bought using he Fishing NPC Fishing rewards include a number of normal hats that have some small stat boosts and can also be converted to costumes using the costume maker There is also a number of costumes in the fishing shop This fishing system requires you to be active and actually take part in the fishing experience This is the initial launch of the fishing system, it will receive updates and changes once it's on the main server and tested by a larger number of people    
    • A quick little update to make some small adjustments. Event Updates: Rotated Gold Rush rewards, 3 new costumes added Costume Poring Beret rotated Costume Royal Poring Hat rotated Costume Poring UFO rotated Replaced 50 Gold Coin reward with Token of Siegfried Box (10) The reward was triggering often enough to make sense to add the box here. However not too often where it will cause an inflation of tokens. This will also make it less likely for people to finish Gold Rush with a surplus of coins. Fixed Charon NPC getting stuck Babylon Updates: Added 9 more wigs to the Wig merchant General Updates: Fixed restock Added GvG room in the PvP warper Added October and November loyalty packs Costume Goat Cap and Costume DJ Kitty You must have logged in during these months to claim the costumes Fixed September loyalty pack so you actually had to have played during September not just anytime prior to October
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